UCSD SED Team is the
2015 PEAK Award winner!

UCSD’s TD initiative

UCSD’s staff education and development (SED) team responded to their organization’s desire to build change management capacity with its initiative, “Successful Change: Delivering the Future of UCSD.” Their ambitious strategic plan drove the focus; managing the people side of change to achieve their goals. SED partnered with Prosci Inc. to develop and implement a research-based initiative addressing their major stakeholder executive, management and individual contributor groups.

Best Practice: Business case to get buy in at all levels

The SED team implemented several best practices in Talent Development. To get buy-in, the team and Prosci created a business case that convinced every stakeholder of the need for program customization, employee time to attend and certification in the Prosci programs for the SED team.


The customized promotion brochures and training materials overcame concerns about application on the job and relevance to their industry. Carefully coordinated events ensured a distraction-free environment for learners. Participant evaluations overwhelming agreed the program provided tools and knowledge applicable to their jobs and confirmed their intention to immediately implement them.

Union Bank was also a finalist for the PEAK award, presenting their initiative responding to a rapidly changing industry. The team said in their application,  “We were viewed as a place where training requests went in and months later ineffective courses were delivered.” In response, the Consumer Lending Learning Solutions department changed the way it did business,using feedback from internal customers to focus on quality and speed. They exceeded expectations, achieving their division’s highest award for outstanding performance and are embedded in steering committees and major initiatives, having earned the respect of their business partners.

Congratulations to both UCSD and Union Bank for stepping up professionally!. ATD Members are encouraged to reach out to the finalists and learn from their experience. Consider applying for the 2016 PEAK Award, an achievement in itself!

A special thank you to our sponsors.


Congratulations to our 2014 PEAK Award Winner: Illumina

The Commercial Training Team at Illumina, Inc., won the 2014 PEAK Award for their innovative training approach! They developed an integrated and blended curriculum to deliver a new product training program. They trained on two new products in a hybrid delivery method that effectively reached internal and external clients in all regions of their operation.

Modular content allowed Illumina customers to receive customized training that was targeted to their use and familiarity levels. This initiative contributed to a 29% increase in revenue Y.O.Y. that resulted from increased demand for the new product.

For more information, contact Rebecca Everett  at peak@tdsandiego.org

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