President's Letters

  • Tue, October 29, 2013 11:41 AM | Grace Judson

    It's been a busy month for ASTD San Diego!

    First, I want to offer a big round of applause and congratulations to our PEAK (Performance Excellence and Applied Knowledge) award finalists, Mission Federal Credit Union and the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority.

    I talked with some of the judges, and I know it was a tough decision between the two! And CONGRATULATIONS to Mission Federal Credit Union, the 2013 PEAK Winners.  

    You can read more about both of their initiatives at our PEAK Awards page.

    Second, another big round of applause and congratulations for our newly-elected 2014 Board members. Please join me in welcoming Carollyn Rock (Technology), Bryan Lubic (Marketing), Jacqueline Sirota (Programs), and Dawn Schultz (CFO) to the ASTD San Diego Board of Directors.  (And please join me in a sad farewell to our retiring Board members Carol Sheckler (Programs), Gabriela Alvarez (Professional Development), Gregg Fasbinder (Membership), and Constantine Bautista (CFO).)

    We're nearly at the end of the year ... and we have some fabulous events still to come. Our annual Fundraiser is on November 20th this year, and will be at the San Diego Air & Space Museum - see below (or click here) for more details.  And our December event will be a Local Authors Round Table, at which you'll be able to meet San Diego authors and participate in round-table discussions with them about their books' topics. Click here for details and to register (authors will be added as we obtain their commitment to attend).

    Last - but far from least - we have two exciting additions to our ASTD San Diego website.

    The first is our new Resources Library, where you'll find information about past Chapter meetings, including links to resources provided by the speakers and the opportunity to share insights and hold conversations about the meeting topics. 

    And secondly, for those who are Members, you'll see two new fields in your Member Profile:  "Ask me about" and "I'm interested in learning more about."  These fields give you the chance to make your areas of interest or specialty known to fellow Members, and also tell your fellow Members what you might be doing research on or be interested in knowing more about.  I encourage you to visit your Profile and update those fields - and do make sure that you set the permissions so that other Members can see what you've entered.  (Need help? Just email me!)

    With that, I'll wish you a happy Hallowe'en! Enjoy! and I hope to see you at the November fundraiser.

    Grace Judson
    2013 Chapter President

    Volunteer of the Month: Bryan Lubic

    The PEAK Awards are an important, signature event for ASTD San Diego, honoring the best of the best of our local organizations' Learning & Development initiatives.

    It's important that we have a committee and a committee chair who have the commitment to make this event the success it deserves to be, and Bryan Lubic, as the 2013 PEAK Committee Chair this year, did exactly that.  Thank you, Bryan!

    Upcoming Events

    November 14th: Human Performance Alliance Mastermind
    Join members and guests of San Diego leadership organizations for an informal evening of conversation, networking, and masterminding.  Click here to learn more and register.

    November 20th Chapter Meeting: Fundraiser for Wounded Warriors
    Our annual Fundraiser benefits over 350 military heroes through the Career Development Services of the Wounded Warriors Battalion West.

    Even if you can't attend, please consider donating an item or service to the silent auction - or sponsoring a military hero to attend the event.

    Click here to learn more and register, donate, or sponsor a military hero.

    December 11th Chapter Meeting: Local Authors Round Table
    Come meet local authors, hear their ideas, and engage in discussions with them about their work.  And we'll also be celebrating this year's Mentors and Proteges - it's graduation time for the program! Click here to learn more and register.

    December 12th: Human Peformance Alliance Mastermind
    Join members and guests of San Diego leadership organizations for an informal evening of conversation, networking, and masterminding.  Click here to learn more and register.

  • Mon, September 30, 2013 12:40 PM | Grace Judson

    Greetings, and happy Autumn to you all! 

    (Yes, it's really hard to believe, but the year is officially 3/4 over...)

    And that means ... Chapter Members, it's time for you to vote for the 2014 Board. It only takes a moment - so please click here to register YOUR vote.

    Are you a marketing expert - or do you know someone who is?

    We're seeking an experienced marketing consultant who knows how to help nonprofit professional organizations reach a wider audience and demonstrate the value we bring to our community.  Click here to download the RFP.  And please forward this information on to any marketing experts you may know, in San Diego or elsewhere.

    Did you know that many Chapter members get jobs and business... by being involved in the Chapter as a volunteer?

    We're putting together teams and committees to help in many areas through the end of this year and into 2014. There are opportunities in many areas - Membership, Marketing, Events - and all of them provide valuable experience you can include on your resume or in your website bio.

    Interested? Send me an email and we'll talk about what options will fit best with your goals!  (

    See you in October at the PEAK awards!

    Grace Judson
    2013 Chapter President

    Volunteers of the Month: The YTTL Conference Team

    As you know, we chose not to have a Conference this year.

    Yet we had a dedicated team of volunteers working almost up to the last moment. I can safely say that, because of their hard work, it would have been a great conference.

    Please join me in thanking them for their hard work!

    Jane Gredvig & Teresa Hanley - conference co-chairs

    Megan Chappell
    Rebecca Gibson
    Michelle Hafford
    Norma Hernandez
    Kimberly Pettiford
    Keri Ross
    Alisa Shorago
    Upcoming Events

    October 10th: Human Performance Mastermind Alliance
    Join members and guests of San Diego leadership organizations for an informal evening of conversation, networking, and masterminding.  Click here to learn more and register.

    October 21-23: Designing Learning Certificate Program
    Presented by ASTD National, this three-day Designing Learning Certificate program is intended for those new to instructional design, and is an end-to-end workshop for designing outcome-based training. Please remember to use our Chapter code CH8024 when you register on National's website so we get proper credit for your attendance!  Click here to learn more and register.

    October 22: PEAK Performance Awards
    If you've attended the PEAK (Performance Excellence and Applied Knowledge) awards in the past, you know they're a fabulous opportunity to learn best practices from the best practitioners. Using a rigorous evaluation process, we select the top three from all the submissions we receive - and then you learn the winner on October 22nd, AND learn about the learning & development initiatives that got those three into the running. Click here to learn more and register.

    November 20:  Annual Fundraiser at the Air & Space Museum
    Our annual fundraiser is an evening event this year - at the Air & Space Museum in Balboa Park!  Mark your calendar for Wednesday, November 20th, 5:30 - 9:00, and join us for appetizers and a Silent Auction benefiting Wounded Warriors.
  • Thu, August 29, 2013 11:38 AM | Grace Judson

    Greetings to you!

    Can it really be almost August? My calendar says so. The weather says so. But my mind can't quite wrap around how fast the summer has gone.  (Whisper it ... but this means it's only three months to Thanksgiving. Yikes.)

    We have a big announcement for this newsletter. 

    After much discussion and weighing of many pros and cons and risk factors, we have decided that we will not have an annual Your Turn to Learn Conference this year.  The reasons are multi-layered and many, far too many to go into here, and the further we get from the decision point the more confident we are that it was in fact the right decision.

    HOWEVER:  Mark your calendars! We ARE having a September Chapter event, and Jim Smith Jr. WILL be coming to San Diego to talk to us. The date is the same - September 24th - and it will be a lunchtime meeting. Specific location is still under consideration.  Of course you'll get an email with all the details. You can read more about Jim at his website,

    PEAK AWARDS: If you've even been considering whether or not to apply, I urge you to email Bryan Lubic ( and let him know.  He or one of the PEAK committee members will be glad to talk you through the application process. There's no time left for delay, however, because the application deadline is Friday!

    BOARD ELECTIONS: The hard work has paid off: Nancy McMonigal, our next-year's President, has put together a wonderful slate of Board candidates for her 2014 ASTD San Diego Board of Directors.  Voting starts on September 11th, and you can vote online by logging in at our website and following the link on the home page to the voting area.  If you are a Chapter member, please be sure to vote!  If you'd prefer to vote in person rather than online, there will be paper ballots available at the September meeting.  (And of course you were coming to that because it's Jim Smith Jr., right?)

    I sincerely hope that you all had a wonderful summer, and are looking forward to the rest of the year. 

    Grace Judson
    2013 Chapter President


    Volunteer of the Month: Melanie Proshchenko

    Melanie is one of our long-term members of the Chapter, and has been involved in many ways over the years. She's currently the Chair of the Mentor-Protege program committee, and everyone on the Board is grateful for her calm, cheerful leadership of this important program.

    Mel has also been instrumental in helping Nancy McMonigal, 2014 Chapter President, plan her strategy and recruit her Board.  

    Please join me in a big thank you to Melanie for her consistent willingness to pitch in and help!

    Upcoming Events

    September 12:  Human Performance Alliance Mastermind

    Join members and guests of San Diego leadership organizations for an informal evening of conversation, networking, and masterminding.  Click here to learn more and register.

    September 24:  Join us to hear Jim Smith Jr. of JIMpact!

    Save the date!  Even though we aren't holding a Conference this year, Jim Smith Jr. will still be in town to talk with us about performance improvement, inside-out "no excuses" leadership, and personal power. It's a great opportunity to hear one of our industry's leading speakers and trainers!  (Email announcement with details coming soon.)

  • Fri, July 26, 2013 9:24 AM | Grace Judson

    Greetings, and I hope you're enjoying the summertime! 

    Although we were "dark" in July, with no Chapter meeting, there's still a lot going on at your ASTD San Diego Chapter.  

    First: the PEAK Awards application deadline is approaching fast.
    August 15th is right around the corner.  We have a team of volunteers ready to help you put your application together, or if you know someone who should apply our volunteers will connect with that person and help them.  Click here to read more, or email Bryan Lubic ( for more information or to suggest a nomination.

    2014 Board Selection
    The big summertime effort for your Chapter Board of Directors team is always focused on selecting Board members for the upcoming year - because in just a few more weeks, you'll all be voting on the people we're talking with, interviewing, and nominating for your Chapter leadership.

    You know, of course, that our Chapter is run almost exclusively by volunteers - and you're probably all too familiar with my repeated request for your volunteer help!

    But if you've ever appreciated anything that we've done as a Chapter (and I assume you do appreciate at least some of what we do, or you wouldn't be reading this), please always remember that it's brought to you through the work of our volunteers, from the person who spends time each month helping at the Chapter meeting registration table or at an HPA event to the Committee Chairs for our conference, PEAK Awards, and Mentor-Protege program, and of course our Board members.

    As the Chapter president, I have a bird's-eye view of all the different areas in the Chapter where work is going on and things are happening.  And it's always humbling to me to see how many people put their time, effort, and energy into making our Chapter a success.

    So, a big thank you from me personally to all our volunteers.  I encourage you to thank the volunteers you meet as you participate in Chapter events.  And volunteers, please let your Committee Chairs and Directors know if you're interested in supporting the Chapter as a Director! 

    And of course I also encourage you to volunteer, if you're not already.  It really is the best way to get the most out of your Chapter membership.  

    In other interesting news ...
    This week I attended the second monthly meeting of a coalition of San Diego-area professional organizations.  Leadership from the local chapters of ASTD (that would be us!), SHRM, NCPA, SDHRRoundTable, the SDCoachesAliance, ODNet, and many more are all gathering to discuss how we can collaborate and support each other's efforts.  

    There will be more joint events next year as well as more support of each organization's individual events so that topics started by one group can be picked up and expanded on by other groups.  We are very excited by the direction this is taking, and again - big thanks to the volunteers from other organizations for their hard , especially Natasha Sandrock, SD-SHRM President-Elect, who is leading the effort.

    YTTL 2013
    And of course this collaborative work is right in line with the theme for our 2013 Your Turn to Learn Conference:  Collaborate, Integrate, Engage!  Registration is OPEN at the early-bird rate.  Read more and register here.

    See you in August!

    Grace Judson
    2013 Chapter President


    Volunteer of the Month:  Carollyn Rock

    Carollyn began her volunteer journey on our Programs Committee; you may have met her at the Chapter meeting registration table, or as part of the team at last month's Ultimate HR Marketplace.

    When she heard we needed help with Technology, she jumped right in.  Our website, event, and membership management tools aren't always the most intuitive (what complex system is?), and she's been terrific at digging in, learning, and just quietly getting things done.

    We appreciate Carollyn's responsive help so much that we've talked her into applying for Technology Director on the 2014 Board of Directors - so we'll all be seeing more of her and continuing t orely on her.  

    In the meantime, please join me in thanking Carollyn for her expertise and willingness!

    Upcoming Events:

    August 8:  the Human Performance Alliance

    Join members and guests of San Diego leadership organizations for an informal evening of conversation, networking, and masterminding.  Click here to learn more and register.

    August 20:  the Bottom Line on ROI (a one-day workshop)

    Led by Patti Phillips, PhD, from The ROI Institute, this one-day workshop will teach you what you've always wanted to know about calculating Return on Investment (ROI) on hard-to-measure programs.

    The ROI Institute is the thought leader on measuring ROI and the best ways to present the resulting statistics.  

    This is NOT limited to training and development programs.  The process evaluates many levels of organizational performance metrics and seeks to connect human performance with organizational performance.

    Click here to learn more and registe

    August 21 - Chapter Meeting:  L&D Measurement - What's New?

    Jeffrey Berk, COO of Knowledge Advisors, gives us a look at emerging measurement practices.  You'll hear about the latest trends and challenges and glean insight into your current and future learning analytics strategies.  (Attend the ROI Workshop and then join us for this meeting for different perspectives on what you've learned!) 

    Click here
    to learn more and register.

    September 24:  Your Turn to Learn Annual Conference

    Collaborate, Integrate, Engage!

    A stellar lineup of speakers, a growing list of interesting and helpful vendors, and an opportunity to network with peers ... yes, it's the annual Your Turn to Learn conference.

    Registration is OPEN for attendees:  click here to see the schedule and sign up.

    We are welcoming inquiries from SPONSORS and VENDORS.  Email me directly (, or click here to see the program and download the sponsor/vendor flyer.

    We are also seeking RAFFLE DONATIONS.  If you or your organization would like to donate an item for our Raffle (you and/or your organization will be credited, of course), please email me (


    Suggestion Box

    What would you like us to do more of, or do differently?  How can we improve as a chapter?

    When you renew your membership, you'll be asked to fill out a survey.  But we don't want to limit your ability to make suggestions to just once a year.

    So if you have ideas for us, recommendations for speakers, suggestions for events - please email any of the Board members, or drop me a note directly:

  • Mon, June 24, 2013 2:00 PM | Grace Judson

    Happy Summer!

    We have lots to talk about in this newsletter, so please be sure to at least scan all the headlines so you don't miss anything.  And for sure check out the announcement of an ROI Workshop in August that's down below in Upcoming Events!

    If you attended our Ultimate HR Marketplace a few weeks ago, you know it was a great success.  It seemed that everyone, from the exhibitors to the attendees, was very happy with the event, so we're even more hopeful that it's the First of many Annual occurrances.  Thanks to all who worked very hard to make this such a great event!

    It's PEAK Awards Nomination Season!

    Do you know someone who's been part of an innovative and successful Learning & Development project?  

    Maybe it's you - maybe it's a friend or colleague - maybe it's a project you completed for a client - maybe it's an internal project within your organization or an organization you're familiar with.  All these are great candidates!

    You can nominate someone or apply on your own behalf.  Public, private, and nonprofit organizations of any size are eligible.

    This is a prestigious prize recognizing the top Training & Development initiatives within the San Diego community.

    To nominate someone (other than yourself), please email our PEAK Awards Chair, Bryan Lubic, at  We want to hear about who's doing interesting, successful T&D projects.  We'll follow up with your nominee to encourage them to apply for the award.

    To take a readiness assessment to help understand the program and see if your program or project might be a winner, click here.

    To apply, download the application form:  click here.

    And to learn more, visit the website:  click here.

    Or contact Bryan (his email is above) for more information.


    VOLUNTEERS!  Your Chapter needs you!

    We need  help in the following roles:

    • The 2013 Mentor-Protege program still needs MENTORS.  Email Kevin Mayfield at if you're interested.  (Very time-sensitive - email today!)
    • The 2013 Your Turn to Learn conference needs a Post-Conference Happy Hour coordinator.  Email the Conference Co-Chairs at
    • Our Chapter as a whole needs assistance with Marketing expertise.  Email me if you're interested.

    And we always have places open for anyone who wants to help with Event Registration (staffing the welcome/registration tables), staging the various events and programs we put on each month, and Membership initiatives.

    The best way to meet your goals for networking, learning, and personal/professional development is always to get involved!


    Are you a current volunteer interested in being on the Board of Directors?

    We have several positions open, with the term starting on January 1st 2014 (though all Board members will participate in the turnover process following the election cycle).  

    If you've been a volunteer at any time in the last few years and are interested in helping to set the direction of the Chapter, please contact our 2014 President, Nancy McMonigal:

    Open positions include CFO, Professional Development, Marketing, Membership, and Programs Co-Chair.


    Last month I introduced half of your ASTD-SD Board members.  Here's an introduction to the rest of us.


    Constantine Bautista is a veteran at this position, having very graciously agreed to stay on for a third year (Board positions usually have two-year terms).  He brings a calm voice of reason to our Board, always asking us to stay focused on what's most important.  

    Of course it's crucial for any organization to have clear awareness of the day-to-day financial picture.  In a volunteer organization where the Board members change so rapidly (at least 50% turnover each year as terms expire), it's even more important to keep an eye on the financials and make sure we know where our money is coming from and where it's going.  Constantine has been outstanding in this role for us.


    Mary Jane Riccardi, sometimes known as MJ, is a familiar face on the Board because she's already served a two-year term as Programs Co-Director.  We enticed her back onto the Board as Secretary this year, and we're very glad to have her keeping us on track with commitments and making sure that we dot the proverbial I's and cross the T's. 

    The Secretary's role is crucial in that regard.  For instance, MJ is responsible for auditing our contracts process and that we have the proper agreements in place - obviously not a small thing.  MJ's attention to detail and calm good humor help keep all of us focused and paying attention to what's necessary for the good of the Chapter. 


    The President-Elect role is the most flexible of any Board position.  The primary responsibility here is to prepare for the Presidency year upcoming.  Nancy McMonigal as been outstanding in her willingness to jump in and help in every area across the Board (pun intended ... sorry!).  She is an outstanding communicator and forms not just networks, but real relationships with a wide range of people, and this has helped her add significant value to our Chapter this year.

    Nancy is gearing up to be an amazing President in 2014!

    Office Manager

    As I mention above, the Board is a constantly moving picture.  At least half of the Board rolls off every year, which means at least half of the Board is new every year.  

    Many of you know Shannon Hoolihan, our long-term (and probably long-suffering!) Office Manager.  As the only paid position in our Chapter's organizational structure, she's the consistency and backbone behind the Chapter's processes. I can't imagine what we'd do without her.  She's always good-natured and always willing to take on something extra even when it's outside her defined role.  And I frankly don't want to imagine how often she must be asked the same questions over and over again by each new Board member, but somehow she always has a patient answer for us. Thank you, Shannon!

    Grace Judson
    2013 Chapter President

    Standout of the Month:  Shannon Hoolihan

    Shannon Hoolihan, our Chapter Office Manager, is truly an integral part of our organization.  Patiently answering questions, responding to Board members' requests for immediate help, making sure the ongoing day-to-day administrivia is attended to, Shannon is always willing to help. 

    As a Board member, I know how many times I've relied on her experience with the Chapter, yet I also suspect that we as a Board don't always appreciate her as much as we should.  

    So, Shannon, here's to you:  thank you so much for all you do! 

    Upcoming Events:

    July 11 & 12:  Consulting Skills Certificate

    A two-day Consulting Skills certificate presented by ASTD National here in San Diego.

    This program demonstrates the behaviors and processes for effective internal consulting, including the actions to take to achieve desired outcomes, establishing goals and managing expectations, guiding clients through the process, building credibility to influence decision-making, and overcoming obstacles and resistance. 

    Register on the ASTD National website:  click here

    July 11:  Human Performance Mastermind

    Join members and guests of San Diego leadership organizations for an informal evening of conversation, networking, and masterminding.  Click here to learn more and register.

    August 20:  The Bottom Line on ROI - a one-day workshop

    Have you ever been asked to demonstrate the Return on Investment (ROI) for a learning initiative or training program?  Have you been frustrated by how difficult this can be?

    The ROI Institute is the acknowledged leader in this challenging area of expertise, and they're coming to San Diego in August.  We are very fortunate to be co-sponsoring a one-day ROI workshop led by Patti Phillips, PhD, the President and CEO of the ROI Institute.

    Space is limited to just 20 attendees.  Click here to learn more about the workshop and to register.

    September 24:  Your Turn to Learn Annual Conference

    The web page for our Conference is being built even as I type this.  We have a great lineup of speakers, including Jim Smith Jr. of JIMpact as our keynote, and a range of wonderful breakout sessions based on our theme of Collaborate, Integrate, Engage.  

    Be sure to mark September 24th on your calendar for this year's Your Turn to Learn conference.

    How can your ASTD San Diego Chapter help you?

    Now you know who we are as a Board.

    Tell us about you!  What one thing could we do as a chapter to support you in achieving your professional goals?

    We're always ready to talk with you and we're eager for your suggestions.

    Email me - or any of our Board - and let us know how you feel about your chapter.  What's working, what's not, and what can we do to be the resource you need?

  • Fri, May 31, 2013 1:35 PM | Grace Judson

    Greetings once again from your ASTD San Diego chapter!

    If you read nothing else in this newsletter, please read this:

    The Ultimate HR Marketplace, a joint event between your ASTD Chapter and SD-SHRM, is being held on June 12th at SeaWorld San Diego.

    This event is your opportunity to confer with 30 of our area's top consultants and vendors in training and development, HR, leadership development, and much more.  

    The full list of exhibitors is here:

    When you register (members: $30; nonmembers: $50), you'll book your appointments with the consultants you want to meet and talk with.  This is your chance to ask real questions about issues, problems, and challenges you're dealing with today - and get real, actionable answers.  

    Parking, lunch, and a day at SeaWorld is included in the price of your ticket.  

    Plus, our exhibitors have contributed to some amazing prizes - SHRM's HRCI Certification program, a DISC Certification, and a cash prize of over $500 are just a few of them.  And all you need to do to win is ... be there and meet with at least 7 exhibitors, including two 10-minute Forum presentations.  

    I'll see you there, right?  Just click here to register. 


    Also:  The award-winning Mentor-Protege program is open for your applications as a Mentor or as a Protege.  Positions for Lead Mentors are still available.  Click here to learn more.


    With all of that said, I want to take a moment now to introduce your ASTD-SD Board members.  It's only due to their dedication and hard work that you have these opportunities.

    I don't have space to express my appreciation to all of them in this newsletter, so I'll save the three Officers of the Board for next month.  (Yes, the privilege of rank strikes again!)


    Putting on each of our monthly Chapter meetings is a huge job, with many moving parts, a large Committee, and - as you might expect - a steep learning curve. That's why we have two Programs Directors, each serving two years, so that there's always one who knows the ropes and one who's learning.

    Carol Sheckler is our 2013 "senior" Programs Director, having been the rookie last year.  As Board President, I deeply appreciate Carol's dedication and determination. She is one of the best negotiators I have ever met, always seeming to know the right thing to say to encourage a speaker's generosity, or to help ease over a sticky spot in any collaborative effort.

    Liz Aitcheson is this year's "rookie" Programs Director, having stepped in when Michele Rubino moved to the East Coast early this year.  Liz has an amazing head for detail and is almost as nit-picky as I am about attending to and following up on all those details.  Liz also has a real concern for individuals, making sure (for example) that speakers are cared for and that the servers at our venues know we appreciate their efforts on our behalf.

    Professional Development

    Gaby Alvarez has been a real trooper on the ASTD-SD Board of  Directors, agreeing at the end of last year to extend her two-year term as Professional Development Director to a third year in an effort to better balance the Board tenure as a whole.

    Gaby is responsible for events such as PEAK, the Mentor-Protege program, and all the workshops we put on over the year.  Each of these events alone would be a big undertaking - and somehow Gaby pulls them all off.  I'm in awe of her organizational skills!


    Gregg Fasbinder has brought some innovative ideas to the Membership role, including the new-this-year Human Performance Alliance networking meetings. Gregg's view that we need to involve the wider San Diego Human Resources and leadership communities with our activities is right on target with how the industry as a whole is developing.  He's been a true champion of our learning and development field while also extending the reach of the Chapter into other areas.  

    Gregg attended our National conference, ICE, this month, so if you see him, ask him about the experience.


    Our Technology Director, Iswar Radhakrishnan, has resigned this month due to the time constraints of a very busy career.  The behind-the-scenes work of Technology is demanding, and can sometimes go unseen.  Iswar's dedication to detail and concern for effective, functional process and procedure set an example for us all.  And although you may not have explicitly noticed the website usability tweaks he made - well, that's actually a good thing, because a technical tool should never intrude itself upon the experience of using that tool to accomplish a task.

    Stay tuned next month to hear about our Board President-Elect, Secretary, CFO, and our Office Manager!

    Grace Judson
    2013 Chapter President

    Volunteer of the Month:  Meshell Zwicker

    Meshell is a member of our Membership Team, and has been instrumental in working to make our Human Performance Alliance (HPA) meetings a success. As a participant in other "sister" organizations, she's reached out to connect with them and invite their members to attend the HPA events - and she has been a vibrant, engaging host at several of the meetings.

    We appreciate Meshell's outgoing energy and commitment to helping people and organizations grow into their potential.

    Upcoming Events:

    June 12:  Marketplace Event at SeaWorld

    As I said above, we are SO excited about this event.  We have a stellar lineup of exhibitors waiting to help you solve your problems, and there are a limited number of consultations available.  

    And who wouldn't want to spend a June day at SeaWorld?

    Read the list of exhibitors here:

    and then register here:
    Marketplace Attendee Registration

    June 13:  Human Performance Alliance Mastermind
    Join members and guests of San Diego leadership organizations for an informal evening of conversation, networking, and masterminding.  Click here to learn more and register.

    September 24:  Your Turn to Learn Conference

    We are so close to releasing the calendar of speakers and breakout sessions!  The team has been huddling over the truly impressive RFPs we've received from Learning & Development experts from all over the county and the country.  I hear that the voting is remarkably consistent, which means that the standouts truly are standouts. I know I'm dying of curiosity to hear the final selection - and the list will be posted to the YTTL web page as soon as we have it.

    This is the link to check late next week and see if the final list has been posted.

    And be sure to mark September 24th on your calendar for this year's Your Turn to Learn conference.

  • Thu, April 25, 2013 10:30 AM | Grace Judson

    Greetings from your ASTD San Diego chapter!

    Did you attend the Articulate Storyline workshop earlier this month?

    How about the Coaching in Organizations certificate program?

    Or our Chapter meeting - which was sold out with a waiting list! - on the neuroscience of learning?

    April was a very busy month for our chapter, and we're looking forward to some equally exciting programs going forwards into the summer and later this year.

    First off, we have a tremendous opportunity for all our members at the Ultimate Marketplace event in June.  If you're one of our consulting or independent practitioner members, this is your opportunity to spend quality time, face-to-face, with attendees from our leading San Diego companies - people who have problems they want your help solving.  On the other hand, if you're an internal employee with challenges or questions you'd like to brainstorm, now's your chance to talk with experts in the field and get real, actionable answers.

    The event is on Wednesday June 12th at SeaWorld.  If you'd like to be an exhibitor, download the application form (click here).  For attendees - SAVE THE DATE! Registration information will be coming soon.  (Or feel free to download the exhibitor flyer; it has details you'll find interesting.)

    Our annual Your Turn to Learn Conference this year is on September 24th at the Hilton Doubletree in Mission Valley.  We're excited to report that our Keynote Speaker is Jim Smith Jr. of Jimpact!  And if you're interested in being a speaker, sponsor, or vendor at the conference, check out the links on the YTTL Info Page on our website.

    Of course we also have our regular Chapter meeting this month - and our Human Performance Alliance networking meeting. 

    Hope to see you at one of these events soon!

    Upcoming Events

    May 9th Human Performance Alliance Mastermind

    Join members and guests of San Diego leadership organizations for an informal evening of conversation, networking, and masterminding. Click here to learn more and register.

    May 29th Chapter Meeting: Let the Games Begin - Learning through Interactive Play

    Learning through play is both natural and effective. It's how we learn much of what we know. And yet, opportunities to learn through play are rare in most business settings. Interactive games fill this need and provide an alternate way for learners to master key objectives and new skills.

    On May 29th at 11:30 at the Handlery, Human Performance Improvement Consultant Barbara Greenstein joins Liz Herrick, Manager and Performance Consultant at CareFusion to discuss how games and play can be powerful tools for learning and development.
    Click here to read more and register.

    June 12th: Marketplace Event at SeaWorld

    This exciting opportunity for substantive conversations between consulting experts and attendees with challenges and questions for those experts is truly a not-to-be-missed event. Vendors/exhibitors and internal employees can meet, get to know each other, and solve problems in a low-key environment focused on real solutions. Exhibitors: download the application form here. Attendees - save the date and stay tuned!

    September 24th: Your Turn to Learn Conference

    Call for Speakers: download the Speaker RFP and submit your application by May 17th to be one of just nine breakout-session presenters at our conference this year.

    Call for Vendors & Sponsors: download the vendor/sponsor form and read all the details about opportunities to present your business to our conference attendees.

    Volunteer of the Month: Jacqueline Sirota

    If you attended the Articulate workshop, you know how much work went into putting it on and making it the seamlessly productive, worthwhile event that it was.

    Jacqueline Sirota was the lead magician behind that event, and she's been putting in time and effort on other technology-related programs this year as well. We're delighted that Jacqueline has such a commitment to and passion for training and development technology. Thank you, Jacqueline, our April 2013 Volunteer of the Month!

    ASTD-SD Banner Contest!

    Yes, we announced this last month ... and it hasn't quite happened yet. You may have noticed that we've been pretty busy!

    If you're interested in submitting your photo or graphic design for our website banner contest, stay tuned. More details will be forthcoming in the next month or so.

    How can your ASTD San Diego chapter help you?

    What one thing could we do as a chapter to support you in achieving your professional goals?

    Your Board is always ready to talk with you and is eager for your suggestions.

    Email me - or any of our Board - and let us know how you feel about your chapter. What's working, what's not, and what can we do to be the resource you need?

  • Fri, March 29, 2013 10:00 AM | Grace Judson
    Greetings, and happy Spring to you all!

    In all the years I've lived in San Diego, I have to say I can't remember a Spring this perfect - cool temperatures, a little overcase, so it's not too hot to be outside in the garden or to take a hike and admire the spring wildflowers.

    I hope you're enjoying the spring, and I also hope you've been enjoying the programs and other events that your ASTD San Diego chapter has been putting on. For me it's seemed as if each Chapter meeting has been better than the last.

    And I'm glad to say that we have a number of exciting events upcoming. Just below is a list of what's happening in April and May - as well as a preview of our plans for the annual Conference, Your Turn to Learn, which is tentatively scheduled for late September.

    And below that you'll see a link to a survey being conducted by one of our educational partners, UCSD Extension. I hope you'll take a moment to click through and respond.

    I hope the first quarter of 2013 was good to you, and that you're enjoying the Spring season - and that you're enjoying what your ASTD Chapter is doing for you. As always, please let any Board member know if you have any suggestions or questions for us.

    Upcoming Events

    April 11th Human Performance Alliance Mastermind

    Join members and guests of San Diego leadership organizations for an informal evening of conversation, networking, and masterminding. Click here to learn more and register.

    April 18 - 19: Coaching Certificate Program

    Presented by ASTD National, this two-day Coaching Certificate program helps you help others develop, take action, and make better decisions. Please remember to use our Chapter code CH8024 when you register on National's website so we get proper credit for your attendance! Click here to learn more and register.

    April 24th Chapter Meeting: Building a Magnetic Culture

    Bestselling author Kevin Sheridan discusses how to draw talented employees to your organization, and then how to keep them there by creating a magnetic environment that engages their interest and involvement. Click here to learn more and register.

    June 12th: Joint Event with SHRM

    I am very excited about this joint event with SHRM. Held at SeaWorld, this will be an opportunity for our consultants, service providers, and other vendors to meet in person with employees of local organizations to discuss specific issues they're having and offer substantive advice. This is a huge opportunity for both vendors and internal employees to meet and get to know each other in a non-sales-y environment where real value can be exchanged. STAY TUNED. An email announcement will be arriving shortly!

    Annual Your Turn to Learn Conference: Collaborate, Integrate, Engage!

    We have our theme and we're recruiting committee members and starting to select Keynote Speakers and Breakout topics! I met with the Co-Chairs, Jane Gredvig and Teresa Hanley, last week, and we are all sincerely excited about this conference.

    STAY TUNED for more information about the date, request for speakers, and vendor/sponsor opportunities.

    Help UCSD Extension: Take their survey

    UCSD Extension is collaborating on a Global Executive MBA program, designed for young executives and talents from all industries interested in receiving a global perspective on business practices and processes. Involving five schools in five countries, the program will include travel to each of the countries.

    To help us better serve the communiy, please answer a few questions. Click here to take the survey.

    Volunteer of the Month: Amy Osback

    Amy Osback joined the Programs team in early 2013. She's currently Registration Manager, overseeing a committee of volunteers who assist with registration at our monthly Chapter meetings. 

    One of the many things we appreciate about Amy is that she consistently looks for ways to do things more effectively and efficiently.

    With her strong work ethic and attention to detail, Amy is a huge asset to our Programs team and is a joy to work with. Next time you see her, thank her for her work!

    Photo Contest!

    We're conducting a photo contest to select an image representative of San Diego for our ASTD-SD website banner.

    All photographs submitted must be your work. No payment is involved, but you'll be credited as the photographer.

    Interested? Stay tuned. The web page with all the details will be up soon!
  • Fri, February 22, 2013 8:25 AM | Grace Judson

    Hello! from your ASTD San Diego chapter.

    With the holidays well behind us, the end of February is a great time to take stock of how your year has started out.  New Year’s resolutions have probably gone off their post-champagne fizz – I know I’m ready to be more realistic about what’s actually going to happen this year than I was on January 1st.

    We’re staying very focused on offering solid programs and events for our members and the San Diego Training & Development community as a whole.  In fact, I think I’m getting a bit of a reputation on our Board as a wet blanket, always asking questions about whether ideas are truly going to add value – and are truly achievable within the scope of available resources.  The result, though, is that we have a great lineup of speakers, workshops, and networking opportunities.

    Speaking of which, the hands-on portion of the Articulate Storyline workshop is sold out.  The one-day introduction is still open, though, so click through the check it out – and if you’re interested in the hands-on piece, be sure to put yourself on the waiting list.

    Our Human Performance Alliance networking events have been a lot of fun, welcoming members of many other organizations in San Diego – SHRM, NHRA, NCPA, ISPI – a whole bowlful of alphabet soup.  It’s a good way to meet people in the wider HR and T&D community in San Diego, while enjoying an evening of nibbles and good conversation with your fellow professionals.

    The March Chapter meeting is being held at Rady Children’s Hospital.  You’ll remember that they were our PEAK Awards Winners last year, and they’ve graciously agreed to host our program on learning and neuroscience called Your Brain on Learning.

    Finally, big thanks to those of you who emailed me after my President’s Letter last month to join the ranks of our volunteers.  I’m very happy with the way our various Committees are coming together – and of course we always have room for more people who’d like to get involved.  As I said last month, just drop me an email ( and we’ll see what opportunities we can offer that match your personal and professional goals.

    Speaking of volunteers, I’m delighted to acknowledge our January 2013 Volunteer of the Month, Liz Aitcheson.  Liz has been active in the chapter for some time now; she’s run the North County Meet & Mingle and HPA events for several years, and she’s participated as both a protégé and a mentor in our award-winning Mentor-Protégé program.  Please join me in thanking Liz for all her help!

    I hope to see you at an upcoming Chapter event, and as always, if you have any questions or suggestions about our Chapter, you’re welcome to reach out to any of our Board members.  We’re here to support you!

    Grace Judson

    ASTD-SD 2013 Chapter President

    Quick reminder:  I sent out an email earlier this month with a link to a survey being conducted for doctoral research.  If you ever did anything like this during your student days, you know how important it is to get as much input as possible.  The survey is still open for anyone who hasn’t yet taken it:

    Discounts for Members

    Are you a member of the San Diego ASTD Chapter?  If so – here are some opportunities you may be interested in.

    Stop Winging It:  Realistic Project Management and Project Team Triage

    ASTD Orange County is offering member rates to ASTD San Diego members at their February 27th Learning Event and February 28th workshop, led by international speaker and author Lou Russell, an acknowledged expert in leadership, project management, and individual learning.

    As my colleague on the ASTD-OC Board wrote to me, “Lou is awesome, and if anyone has experienced her programs I’m sure they would agree and would want to see her again.”

    To learn more, click through on the links above – they’ll take you to the program descriptions on the ASTD-OC website.

    It’s worth putting yourself on the ASTD-OC email list, by the way. They offer members’ rates for all their programs to us as a “sister” chapter.  If you scroll down on their home page (, you’ll see the sign-up button on the bottom right side of the screen.

  • Fri, February 01, 2013 10:42 AM | Grace Judson

    Greetings! and happy 2013 to you from all of us on the ASTD San Diego Board of Directors.

    We have so much planned for this year!  And I'm excited because our plans are focused on upgrading who we are as an ASTD Chapter so that we offer greater relevance and more value to all of you in the San Diego Training & Development community.

    We heard from many of you that you enjoy learning from panel discussions and case studies, so we'll be offering more of both in our Chapter programs this year.  We have our calendar of events already outlined, and we'll start putting it up on the website within the next few weeks.

    We're focusing on technology and e-learning this year (of course not exclusively; there will be plenty of other interesting material).  As you may have already seen, we have a one- or two-day (your choice) workshop on Articulate in April.  People are actually travelling from the East Coast to attend this workshop.  (Yes, that's a hint to book your spot early, because it's expected to fill up quickly.)

    We're upgrading our website to be more attractive, interesting, and useful, and we have a host of new communication and member engagement plans that will (we hope!) intrigue and inspire you to actively participate in your Chapter events.

    Speaking of actively participating, we have key volunteer opportunities available for our members.  If you’d like to help with our annual Your Turn to Learn conference, the award-winning Mentor-Protégé program, on the Programs Committee, or with our PEAK awards, just drop me an email at, and I'll make sure you get the information you need to know if our volunteer opportunities match up with your personal goals.  Volunteering within the Chapter is a fantastic way to gain professional experience that looks great on your resume, as well as broadening your network of personal friends and professional colleagues.

    We're finalizing sponsorship and advertising opportunities even as I type these words, making it much easier for corporations and individual practitioners to find a way to promote their businesses at a level that makes sense for who they are and what they offer while providing real value to our members.

    And from an internal Board perspective, we're defining repeatable processes so that future Board members will be able to jump right in at the deep end without needing to spend a lot of time figuring out what's happening.  This will include increased transparency with the Chapter as a whole about just what it is that your Board does to keep the Chapter running.

    Please know that all of us on the Board are open to your questions, comments, and suggestions at any time, so feel free to email or call us.  We are here to help you grow and develop within your careers and businesses, professionally and personally.  The only way for us to be effective is with your feedback – and yes, with your volunteer help as well.  This is a volunteer-run organization; we need you to participate!

    Best wishes for 2013, and I hope to see you soon at a Chapter meeting, Human Permance Alliance get-together, or other Chapter event!

    Grace Judson
    ASTD-SD 2013 Chapter President


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